Is This Really America?
Is This Really America? nohate stories

greys_addict007 i’m back!!🤠
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Disclaimer: I love ALL people and believe EVERYONE has a purpose, but I just wanted to speak up about what is happening to our country and that we just all need to come together as one and bring peace not hate. Rest In Peace George Floyd✌🏿🇺🇸

Is This Really America?

No, I am not racist, I love all people,

White, Black, and everyone in between.

But this keeps happening, it's like after every disaster, there is another prequel,

I cannot believe the violence that America has seen.

Yes it's a shame,

A shame that he is dead.

But my race is always to blame,

The target and the guns are pointed at us instead.

You always say how black lives matter,

Which yes, it really does.

I'm not trying to belittle you, I'm not trying to flatter,

But we matter too, what a tragedy this was.

If he was still alive, this is not what he would have wanted,

He would've wanted peace, not rioting, not looting, and hitting people with clubs.

I am scared for our Earth, and how our future children would be taunted,

But I still can't believe this isn't a nightmare, is this really America?

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