In A Crowded Room
In A Crowded Room suicide stories

greys_addict007 i’m back!!🤠
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This is inspired by one of my favorite TV shows “On My Block”

In A Crowded Room

Sometimes the loneliest thoughts you have, aren't when your alone, but when your stuck in a crowded room.

Hoping that someone will be there to pick you up soon.

When you fall down,

You hope that someone will be there to catch you, but no one does, so you drown.

You sit there in disbelief saying "Why am I like this"

When your all alone, and other people are in bliss.

You walk out of the room to get some fresh air,

Hoping someone will come out and help you, but no one is there.

Your thoughts start taking control and capture your brain,

You say that your fine, but you can't take the pain.

When people joke around they say it's all in fun,

But they won't see you anymore because your life is done.

They could've came out and helped you but instead,

They were too late, and you ended up dead.

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