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greys_addict007 i’m back!!🤠
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Waiting for the day, that will never come💔

If & When

It's never a matter of how or why,

Even though I would love to know the reason.

The reason that I'm still all alone tonight,

Waiting for the change, of the dark winter season.

Trying to find a reason to be loved,

But then I know that I won't be someone else's for long.

Knowing that I'm no good, and that I'm no ones secret crush,

Instead, they're just counting down the days, until I'm gone.

I can't describe or explain

Why I'm constantly begging on my knees.

Other than the fact that my heart has been slain,

Just let go of me already, and set me free.

Because I know that day, will never come,

Now the hard part is accepting that I've hit a dead end.

Because I know that I'll still be the only one,

Waiting for a turn at the real world, wondering if and when.

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