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greys_addict007 i’m back!!🤠
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This poem is dedicated to all the victims of the horrible crimes that were committed by man. They will not get away with it anymore🕊⚰️

Hide Your Face

You think that if you hide,

You can get away with whatever you want.

Having no need to go outside,

Where the ghosts who surround us, come to haunt.

There are no secrets anymore,

We're all dead and gone.

You should be ashamed of your heart filled with envy and gore,

Ashamed of what you did to us on my backyard lawn.

Our graves still speak,

They cry out for mercy.

To help protect the people who are weary and weak,

That fight for equality and diversity.

You think that if you just run away,

The whole world will give you some grace.

Assured that everything will be okay,

If you just hide your face.

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