Hanging By A Thread
Hanging By A Thread suicide stories

greys_addict007 i’m back!!🤠
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A dark poem cuz why not?

Hanging By A Thread

Locked up in a cage,

With black steel bars.

My mind fills with rage,

I'm cooped up in this misery, and if I can escape, I won't go very far.

My heart is crushed,

My mind is beat.

I'm not worried about being in such a rush,

Because I can barely get off my feet.

Hoping and praying, to the God's up above,

Wondering if they can hear me.

But it's no use because I will never be loved,

Or have a chance to be set free.

I have no one to catch me when I fall,

To make sure I don't end up dead.

Wondering if anyone cares for me at all,

But who cares anyway? I'm just a ticking time bomb, hanging by a thread.

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