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greys_addict007 i’m back!!🤠
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I think that this is a reminder to all that the only friends you keep, are the ones that care about you and up to you to choose who they are.

Get A Grip

My father used to tell me that friends are temporary and they don't last forever.

People have let me down in the past, but what I've learned is that the ones that care, you should treasure.

Friends are like money, they are easy to get, but also very easy to loose.

The friends that I treasure, betrayal, I refuse.

Life is a roller coaster filled with emotions,

But you are in control, and put that roller coaster in motion.

Don't let other people run your life and drag you every which way.

The next thing you know, those fake friends can take your whole life away.

I grew up knowing that your life isn't a given and I learned a helpful tip.

Life isn't fantasy, it's reality. So get a grip.

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