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greys_addict007 i’m back!!🤠
Autoplay OFF   •   9 months ago
I feel like we live in a world where it’s taboo to show your true emotions and it is hard to live with😔🖤

Fake Smile

Society always tells me to put on a fake face,

To hide my inner feelings.

If I cry it's such a disgrace,

I just have to grow a thicker skin, every time it starts peeling.

Like a shadow,

I hide in the darkness.

No telling where I might go,

It can't hurt me anyway, it's practically harmless.

Wandering into a world of unknown,

Where the people are so fake and so bland.

A land where feelings aren't shown,

A life or future isn't certain, a world where tomorrow isn't planned.

Sometimes I just don't want to be happy,

I want to let my emotions out, because it's been a while.

Right now I've just felt so empty,

Because I've been forced to put on a fake smile.

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