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greys_addict007 i’m back!!🤠
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A Covid Christmas Day 14!🎄 Also this day marks 8 years since the Sandy Hook tragedy. If any of you were affected by it, I am praying for your families tonight and they will never be forgotten, even in the holiday season🖤

Christmas List

They say money can't buy you happiness,

It can't buy you love.

But it can buy you nice shoes, and the perfect dress,

That have me hooked on you like a drug, praising to the God above.

While the lights twinkle,

The decorations shine.

You have me wish I wasn't single,

Trying to find a way, to make you mine.

To find a way,

To get you under that mistletoe.

Before next year's holiday,

As I stand back watching your smile brighten and your hair flow.

I don't need any red or green wrapping paper,

To have me happy on this Christmas.

All I need is something greater,

All I need is you, because you're the only thing that completes my Christmas list.

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