Can’t Remember To Forget You
Can’t Remember To Forget You crush stories

greys_addict007 I’m living for myself at this point🖤😒
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I wish it was as easy as you said it would be💔🧚‍♀️

Can’t Remember To Forget You

I hide behind this barricade,

Just to be in your presence.

Even though I know you don't like me the same,

But I'm just too stubborn to learn my lesson.

To me, every text,

Every facetime call.

Is always so precious, I'm always waiting for the next,

It means everything to just be with you at all.

But I can't let my feelings overtake me,

Because then I'll be too attached.

Trying to search for a reason to have a we,

Intertwined are our hearts, forever latched.

It's just too complicated and it's not so simple,

Because even if I lie, I still can't hide the truth.

Knowing that without you I would cripple,

I try so hard, but I just can't remember to forget you.

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