Burning Flesh
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greys_addict007 i’m back!!🤠
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Don’t let my soul, burn away from this Earth🔥⚰️

Burning Flesh

That smell,

When the fire melts away my remains.

I’m slowly but surely dying, I just can tell,

Fire bursting from all sides, I'm lying unconscious and in pain.

Trying to escape,

Praying to get back on my feet.

Hoping I can get out of here with just a little scrape,

I try to get back up, but I'm just too weak.

The smoke seeps into my lungs,

It steals all my oxygen.

It's weighing me down, and it feels like tons,

I would do anything, just to breathe again.

It's game over for me, I'm just going to let myself burn,

I'm ready to move on to the afterlife, where the sky is blue and I can start fresh.

Just remember me when you look at my ashes in an urn,

Remember who I was, and not the smell of my burning flesh.

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