Bleed For You
Bleed For You secretsanta stories
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A Covid Christmas Day 8!šŸŽ„

Bleed For You

I wake up in the morning,

With voices in my head.

It strikes me without warning,

But all I think about is how you chose him instead.

I love you till times end,

But at the same time you skin my cuts deep.

Because to you I'm no more than a friend,

Pushing me further and further to the edge, further to the point of making that leap.

It was a leap of faith,

Before you broke my heart.

But now it's a failure of fate,

Where making that jump, may be the thing that breaks you apart.

It's hard to believe what you think of me, because it's obvious it isn't love.

But I'm begging you to take it from my heart, and see my point of view.

I'm tired of playing secret Santa,

Because while you live your life, I'm sitting on the sidelines watching as I bleed for you.

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