Are You With Me
Are You With Me yearning stories

greys_addict007 i’m back!!🤠
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A Covid Christmas Day 15!🎄 Inspired by “Are You With Me” by Nilu

Are You With Me

Honestly at this point,

I don't know whether to sink, or to swim.

Because the damage has already been done, I've already loosened every joint,

Broken every limb.

Why is it that you get the easy way out,

But we get the flood?

Why is it that we have to drown,

But you get all the love?

I'm starting to doubt,

Whether I actually had you.

Because I knew you were something I couldn't live without,

But I never thought that nightmare would come true.

I thought I had a little more time,

But that’s not how the cards played out to be.

You were the one that did the crime,

But you still have me on my knees and yearning, "are you with me".

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