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greys_addict007 i’m back!!🤠
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TW: This discusses heavy topics like murder, suicide, abortion, politics, etc..

American Freakshow

I watch from the high rise,

As the ringmaster enters the room.

Seeing before my very eyes,

Seas of fire on big blue hoops.

Unleash the cages,

Filled with “little” and “senseless” animals, dying to get out.

Terrified, I scream in rage,

Then I look behind me, to see that all the little babies are gone from the crowd.

They fill the room with pools of money,

Stripping us from our protection.

How am I the only one who sees,

The endangerment of much more than just our second amendment?

Aliens, much closer than a world away,

No way to protect myself, in my own home.

Hiding from the sea of clones, that want to come out and play,

This is more than just a nightmare, welcome to the American Freakshow.

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