All The Emotions One Can Feel
All The Emotions One Can Feel napowrimo stories
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greys_addict007 i’m back!!🤠
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NaPoWriMo Day 28! I hope you are all doing okay and just a friendly reminder that we are all in this together!

All The Emotions One Can Feel

Sometimes the world, can feel so limitless,

Like an eagle soaring with their wings in the sky.

Feeling like no one can stop you, and life feels so effortless.

Finally freed, and you're able to fly.

There will come a day, when you're trapped in the rain,

The wind will slow you down.

While you should be happy, it's okay to feel some pain,

You don't always have to smile, it's ok to frown.

When those days come, it can be hard,

To get back on your feet.

Don't feel like your feelings, you need to discard,

Life isn’t always about winning, it’s okay to accept defeat.

Life is a journey and it's important to remember,

It's ok to not be ok as long as you heal.

It can be stressful to always have your life put together,

With all the emotions one can feel.

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