THE REMEMBERING - CHAPTER 1 (pt. 2) halfhuman stories

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What if this world has so much more than what we've known?
What if the legends were true?
What if the most dangerous creature ever lived, woke up and walked the earth?
What if she's not dangerous after all?


“Guys?” A beautiful blonde girl that has a fair complexion wearing a tight pink skirt and white crop top shirt suddenly said out load while slowly walking in front of the group of students.

The room suddenly became quiet and everyone started to look at her. The click-clock of her shiny pink stiletto can be heard across the small room. She’s well-known as Stacey Dela Vega.

Everybody knows her because of her pretty face and perfect body shape. Aside from that, she came from a rich family and she maintains straight A’s in all her classes.

That is one of the perks of being a popular kid in high school; you don’t ever try hard to get attention. She has everyone’s attention now and the guide was looking at her uncomfortably.

“Her name was Nyssa. Seriously guys, it’s the 21st century. You can look her up at any websites anytime you want. There are different versions of her story that you can read. By the time I get home later, I will post an article about her on my facebook account. It’s my most favorite story about her so I hope you’ll wait for it.” said Stacey with a sweet smile.

Everyone just smiled at her because they’re always captivated by her beauty and charisma.

“Now, since it’s the end of this tour. Can we go now?” Stacey said while grinning at the museum guide. She took a last look at the glass.

Her expression changed while looking at it but she disregarded it. The guide cannot do anything anymore because it is true that it’s the end of the tour.

The students started walking out of the small room. After making a victorious scene inside the museum, Stacey is walking alone at the numerous steps outside the museum ready to go home. She stopped and turned around facing the museum once again.

She stared at the white huge building structure thinking that it holds the most historical creature of all times. She’s very interested in ancient history that’s why she’s still astonished after seeing it. She’s halfway down the stairs when a familiar voice shouted her name from a distance.

“Stacey!” She turned around and saw Stephen, running towards her. Apparently, he’s Stacey’s special someone and she wishes that he feels the same towards her, too.

“Hey! Stephen, I didn’t notice you earlier back there. I thought you skipped the whole tour.” The pretty boy chuckled. “You know me that well, huh? But you’re wrong. I’m just at the far back of the group. I’m really bored back there that’s why I’m not in the mood the whole tour. But that’s before you spoke in front and showed that museum guide how brilliant you are.”

Stacey cannot help but smile after what he said. “I just really didn’t like her and her so-called ancient histories.”

Stephen laughed. “Well, you showed her.”

“But you know what, when I took a last glance at her, it felt like she’s looking back at me, you know, it’s like she’s staring right at me.”

Stephen broke out into laughter. “Are you on drugs? By ‘her’ you mean ‘it’, right? That’s ridiculous because we all know she’s dead and she’s just like a statue on that huge-ass piece of iceberg."

Stacey just glared at him. He’s the only person who makes fun of her; well he’s the only one who can. Everybody knows that she likes him very much, even Stephen himself.

But then, everybody also knows that he’s flirty and he hooks up with everyone. No one understands why Stacey likes him very much.

“To be honest, that’s also what I feel whenever I’m in front of creepy-ass statues and wax figures at museums. They seriously give me goose bumps.”

Stacey chuckled and just decided to change the subject. “So, you still up for tonight? I’m already finished with your research paper. Want to drop by and get it yourself?”

Stephen placed his hands on both of her shoulders. “I’m sorry princess, I can’t come tonight. I have a lacrosse practice and I’m doing overtime because of my absences these past few days. The team badly needs me, you know, so how about you just hand it to me tomorrow morning? Let’s grab coffee before class, maybe?”

Stacey seemed to have butterfly all over her stomach. “Yeah, sure. See you tomorrow?”

Stephen just nodded then smiled sweetly at Stacey and they finally said goodbye to each other.

Stacey finally found her car at the parking lot of the museum. She had a habit of forgetting were she’d parked her car. She got in and seated uneasily in front of the steering wheel.

She let out a deep sigh.

“Just forget it, Stacey. It’s very clear that he doesn’t like you and he’s only using you. And in freaking addition to that, you’re a therianthrope. You’re a freaking monkey and he’s a hundred percent human. Both of you will never work out.”

She said to herself as she started the engine of her car and drove fast to get home quickly.

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