The Seventh Commandment in Theory
The Seventh Commandment in Theory poetry stories

gremlin20 year old version of daria
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I bet it hurt to see the mansion collapse onto you

The Seventh Commandment in Theory

I bet it hurt to see the mansion collapse onto you

See the Persian rugs pulled from under your feet

Stain glass windows shattered

When you found another’s skin on the familiar body you called your home


How could she let another hold her the way you do?


Lay claim to her laughter the way you did?

Her laughter

Was that of rippling tides against smooth rocks

Replaying on crippling nights with heavy eyes


After that,

I bet all you heard was someone else’s name in her mouth

Within every breath that she took


If it sounded the same when she made love to him

Knowing she used to lay all of her insecurities down for you at your bedside

Every night you touched her

I bet it hurt to realize you no longer stood on that pedestal

Let’s pretend you didn’t take to the kitchen

Searched for her lipstick stains on your glasses

Because that


Made you feel like she was still there

Let’s say you found one

I bet it took everything in you not to throw it against that wall

Because as much as you wanted to

She was still your sanctity

So you felt you had to keep every tiny piece of her that you could

I bet it hurt to realize your citadel could no longer hold all of your sorrow

When she became the reason for it

Let’s pretend you didn’t take to the bathroom

Frantically searching for a hair tie

Or maybe a bobby-pin

Just a small piece of her that said

She still occupied some space in that home

I bet it hurt to realize you were still making room for her

Long after she was gone

And when you got that call

That call that sounded a lot like the earth shattering

That call of

“When can I come pick up my things?”

You didn’t recognize the voice

Just an echo of a ghost that now plagued the home

The home

I bet it hurt to call it a home

Wondered how many days she spent there at your side

Before you realized she was already gone

I bet it was something small that broke you down

Like a couch pillow

Or a picture frame

I bet she said it would look good at your bedside table

Or maybe it was something corny


“Even if I’m not there, I’ll still wake up next to you.”

So you bought it anyway

Because you remember how she lit up when she said that

Like she meant it

But that frame that held the both of you

Now served as a prison

That held your happiness captive in that brief moment

I bet you wanted to reach in and tear that smile off your face

Because you knew one day

It would come to belong to someone else

Someone that would come and break her out of your enamored stare

You never understood how she could feel so trapped in something so


I bet you wanted to tear your bedroom apart

Rebuild every inch to fit the reality that she was no longer a part of

Let’s pretend you didn’t think about buying an entire new apartment

Because everywhere you looked

There she was

Or washed the same sheets over and over again

Because the smell of her just never seemed to wash out

Let’s pretend you didn’t make a hole in the wall

Before you realized you were using the same soap she bought

For the both of you

The one she’d use to wash your clothes


I bet it burned

The way you wondered

When the moonlight in her eyes disappeared

The one that once shined for you

Somehow found it’s way into the gaze of another

Did she kiss him like she kissed you?

Fucked him like she fucked you?

Did she love him?

Did she love him like you loved her?

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