Twist of fate
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A sudden change of our lives !

Twist of fate

A pleasant sea,calm

Rocks around,without losing its charm

Brighten sun has come to bed of warm

Shedding worries, causing no one a harm.

There comes a sudden disaster,

Without manners, snatching his laughter

Sound asleep he was,just after

Announcing furiously,he's the master.

For first time I saw him

Still the world became, when he took him

Statue like I stand, with a chest full of scream

A ferocious sea behind, will no one ever dream.

A shadow in black, with red eyes

Smile on his face, when everyone cries

Come's on a red horse, then he flies

Fulfills his purpose, when everyone dies.

Full of hatred for crashing my world

Crushing my plans with nothing spared

Staring the window the thing he made

Waiting for when next to see his shade.

In thoughts, in dreams, in sleep and wake

He's the only thing that I would bake

Waiting and waiting, is all I could make

Changed me inside with nothing to take.

On a stage that I discovered

Love is in disguise is the hatred

Finally realized his eyes were discolored

Last time he comes is all I cared.

Forgiveness I can't, but he's the solution

Fire as he seems, also the creation

Bitter he's to taste,better for salvation

For timeless waiting, can say without hesitation.

Mixed those feelings, hard to resist

Minutes to seconds, only pain persist

Curse or a blessing that I exist ?

Can't handle more, so I insist.

You are the truth finally I face

You are the one that I'm with chase

Came as a terror, but that's your pace

Day will come, when I will be in your maze.

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