A butterfly on my notebook
A butterfly on my notebook #love stories

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Have you seen him ?

A butterfly on my notebook

A butterfly on my notebook

Rainbow colored wings, as large as leaf

The other day escaped from my hook

Carrying the burden of my dreams and belief.

It flew in the midst of sunflowers

Gazing at the sun,never getting tired

No heat bothered them,nor the waiting

Without expectations, they were sired.

It flow above the ocean,endless blue

A reflection of sky,an estranged sister

To meet at the end, of which they had no clue

At night they stop, staring at each other.

It flew between the mountains,hard to touch

Singing a song, no one listens

Waiting for the shower, they care so much

Hoping at the end, they will be chosen.

It flew under the caves,secrets hidden

Needle of silence, vow they taken

Fearing the light, if secret get stolen

Day to night, their eyes are open.

At last butterfly came back

Drew pictures of places it has seen

Told me how my beliefs and dreams

Were the reason, who I have been.

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