My words to you
My words to you hurt stories

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I've been having nightmares about my ex. It was a terribly absusive relationship. Recently I have had a pain behind my left shoulder blade. These are my texts to him today.

My words to you

by greenspace

I could tell you about my life now

... and you would think I'm telling the stories of other people.

My life is amazing and remarkable and all my wishes and dreams have come true

You wouldn't believe it much like I don't

But with that comes limitations and there is a new surge of pain being released because my left shoulder has given way to this pain.

I am ready to deal with it.

Pain works in funny ways. It stuffs itself in parts of you and appears as a physical limitation.

It does that because its too overwelming all at once.

I have stretched out my toes and my arms. And after each bite I think I'm done.

I can move on. ... ... and I have.

I fell in love with a wonderful man and he was everything I hoped he would be.

He has since then moved back to his path and I'm happy to see him happy and in love.

But you know what he taught me?

That I don't have to hurt to have love.

And my left shoulder blade hurts. Behind the heart hunny. Stabbed in the back, behind the heart.

This one is big. It's been nasty. It's been terrible and it's been big.

And although I never hope you feel this kind of pain I wish it on you.

I don't hate. I don't send hurt.

I stand back and watch the ones I love flourish in God's light.

I am a beautiful person who encompasses nothing but love and I wish so badly to let this hurt go.

I hate you, and I don't want to anymore.

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