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Last night and a man and all the kisses


by greenspace

I was very aware of how my hips swung from side to side when I walked. Down the street, up the stairs, and into the bar.

We crossed the busy street to buy cigarettes. You watched me spin, jump and twirl ahead of you. Arms outstretched laughing I danced. You yelled "I FUCKING WANT YOU"

I laughed, turned around to yell back but you were there and your body was pressed on mine and my lips were so close to yours but I pressed my cigarette against them and walked away.

This time I felt your eyes on me.

Pushing through the crowd I found who I came with. The two of us danced and danced and danced. I love my friends.

Somehow you found me again but this time you wouldn't watch me walk. You grabbed my hand pulled me back spun me around picked me up and I forgot how crowed the bar was

We kissed in your garage. I left but you came and knocked on my window. We couldn't pull our hands off of each other.

Hours passed. You tried leaving and I did too.

"Okay, one more kiss"



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