The Stranger

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My younger self meets my current self.

The Stranger

Do you ever see yourself changing? I don't. It took me months to notice the stranger passing by mirrors when I did.

I found she liked to sneak through, behind me almost. She would pop up when I least expected it, taking my night on a drastic turn. I wanted to know this woman standing tall before me.

I called her over to have a seat.

She walked toward me with narrow eyes. Evaluating.

I asked for her name, since she didn't introduce herself. She told me her name in a voice too chipper for her demeanor.

She's a wise woman, this stranger. If you watch her for long enough, there are flashes.

They cross her face too quickly for one to understand what it is they have seen.

In glance she has eyes swimming with passion. Before you blink the colour shrinks back to the edges. As though she felt your stare.

In times of silence the stranger looks away from you, but she isn't in this moment. She is somewhere else.

I call for her to come back, her head snaps in my direction with a sweet smile. "Hmm? Oh, sorry". "That's quite alright," I said.

I couldn't help but wonder what built this stranger. This beautiful being that sits in silence... yet is unaware of her impact on the entire room.

The woman that does not see the heads turn when her slim body weaves effortlessly through crowds.

"Where do you go? When you look away. Your face falls flat and your eyes respond to events that aren't unfolding in front of you."

She smiled gently to herself and looked away.

"Who are you? Where did you come from? I've been here the whole time but I've never seen you coming.

You show up in those black outfits and dark eyes .. then disappear again without notice!" My voice showing frustration. "I want to get to know you, God dammit!".

I wouldn't even have known she was talking if I didn't see her lips moving. In a low voice, without looking at me, she began.

"I am everything you never wanted to be. I am cool, calm and collected". Suddenly her green eyes darted towards me, face squared with mine...

"I am Ice".

"I am the result of all madness in the world. I am who you never wanted to be, dear Sandra."

"Do not worry, you are in safe hands with me. I will lead you through this time in the perfect vessel."

Trust, and let me guide you."

I think I like her, this stranger.

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