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The stars and I

by greenspace

I feel alive at night. When the stars are the only eyes watching me.

I feel the fire from my lighter jump into my soul when I smoke on the steps of my house.

I find myself slinking through the dark streets with a leather jacket, old black shoes and what used to be red lips.

I watch my fingers trace smeared red lines. I see them dance through the dark to find the top of a cigarette like it was that last thing that was keeping me afloat.

I see myself dancing down the street, rushing into my house to flop into my bed with a sigh of relief.


a mischievous glance towards my window. Sharing a glance with the stars telling them to keep what they saw a secret.

It's a game we play, the stars and I.

See they have seen it all. They have seen me fall or jump or run or sing.

Wherever I am in life the stars follow me with their watchful eyes. They hear my heart sing songs of love and words of hatred.

They are the soft arms around me when life picks up too quickly and I am tossed to a new world.

Oh I come alive at night.

The stars wait for me in the shadows whispering "where to now?".

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