The Annual Haircut
The Annual Haircut life stories

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I cut my hair again

The Annual Haircut

by greenspace

I know the woman who stands tall before the mirror

I see her light reflected on the surfaces she touches

I took scissors and chopped off blonde, flowing curls

"Good bye old hair"

Good bye, Isaac

Good bye, Dylan

Good bye, Heather

Good bye, Hudson

Good bye, trusted walls

Good bye, safety

Good bye, fear and loneliness

Good bye, scars and nightmares

Good bye, Young Me, with all of her hopes and dreams

Good bye, heart aches and sad stories

Good bye, Blue.

Good bye.


It's nice to finally meet you. I've heard so much.

I hear how you hold all the secrets and answers.

How you are the maker of miracles and answer-er of dreams.

I hear you've been waiting for me.

Hello new Me, I see you have a new friend and a different look, as well. It suits you.

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