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Words you used to say to me

No Bad Days

by greenspace

You used to make me the best coffee.. even though I took my coffee black. I liked how you dumped spoonfuls of sugar in it. Sweetness was a nice change.

We would sit down on your blue couch in silence. Processing the night, planning our next moves. Before the day picked up and my spot in your life shrunk.. we had coffee.

We used to stay up all night talking. You whispered to me no bad days. If something went wrong you would fix it so there weren't any days to hurt over. I nodded. I understood you were hurt.

No bad days. I would whisper those words to myself when you weren't there to stop my hands from trembling. No bad days. I wrote it on a blue sticky note and stuck it on your TV.

It's easy to have no bad days when you're the one handing them out. To stand on your mountian of lovers and feel the sun on your face. Yes no bad days... no bad days.

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