He the wind; I the water.

He the wind; I the water. beach stories

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have you ever met someone so powerful, even after they leave you fins your life is still erupting because of their touch?

He the wind; I the water.

I fell in love with a man

He had muscles like marble

He was warm and inviting

He was gentle and calm ..

I fell in love with a man

His kiss ignited a flame in me that carried long after he left I burned so beautifully

His words faded into the past just as the bottles fell to the floor I should have written them down

His touch lingered in my mind I feel him in my dreams....

But what remains is the flame

The flame that brought me to see life with passion

I miss the man with the marble arms because he encouraged me to step into a new version of myself

The man with the caramel skin taught me security is a frame of mind

He taught me life is not something that happens to you Life is what you make happen for yourself

I have never felt more beautiful than when he told me he loved how I didn't wear make up

I did not feel beautiful because I had a man compliment my bare skin - I felt beautiful because I knew I was with or without the worlds validation ..

I felt beautiful because I knew the beauty he was catching was from years of self love and acceptance The glow was my soul shining through my skin.

I did not need him to validate my beauty, wisdom or strength

I fell in love with the man who looked at the world as something he can conquer I found myself asking the questions Why not? What's stopping me?

I loved his sense of adventure and competitive nature I began wondering what challenges I could overcome

He is a beautiful, force to be reckoned with.

How convenient our days were spent talking of the ocean.

He the wind; I the water.

A gentle breeze pushing knotted hair from my face.

Or a hurricane manipulating the current towards shore.

I fell in love with the man who had marble muscles and caramel skin, for he brought my truest self out. He complimented me - just as the air rolling over the ocean does.

It is winter now. I have frozen over. The colour June left on my skin has all but faded.

I have grown so much since meeting this man.

The thing about wind is it only touches the surface.

For my true power and my essence is deep within me.

The wind may stir up waves - but it is I, the water, that controls the currents deep below.

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