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I fell in love with my best friends brother.


Here I go.. the love story I never knew I would write.

We met at the beach. He was young and stupid. I was young and ill. I was intrigued.

Over the years you were there. We circled each other. Always the last ones at the fire. Laughing. Parting with a kiss now and then. Never my fancy, always yours. Secretly mine.

Time drew on. The world stopped. On the river we fell in love. At least, I did. Finally, I saw a beautiful man with a soul burning like fire.

When I'm with you, I look at the tree tops.

We spent hours on the boat. Laughing on the rivers edge. Falling into each other by the light of camp fires. Nights filled with drinks and blind touches.

Once, years before, we went to a bridge and parked in the dark. You kissed me, and held me all the way home. The first time we slept together you held me the entire night.

The first time we slept together you held me the entire night. The whole night. I didn't sleep a wink. You were asleep, I was tucked in your arms astonished at how comfortable I was wrapped up.

This time we spent time in the sun with your friends. We went to the bridge and I jumped off. Into the muddy river water, I came up and you were there with a ladder.

Summer days with you were slow, but savored. I came to the shop while you worked on your car. I watched you work, you bought me a seat. I kissed you everywhere.

You dried up.

Silence grew between us like darkness in the late August sky. Where did you go?

Your light Your laugh Your bright nature Your ambition Your drive for life Your simplicity

Your family welcomed me in as we celebrated you. Your father has always had a twinkle in his eye when he talks to me. Your family loves me.

I love you. I whispered to you the night of my birthday.. knowing you would never return these words. But I had to say them.

Our time was coming to an end and I knew it. The summer faded as I blew out my candles. Once a fire, now smoke. A symbol.

I will always remember our walk by the water. How you hugged me when you were cold. Your arm folded and mine looped through. Walking with my head on your shoulder laughing with you.

I am thankful for you. Although your love could not reach me, mine reached you. I emerged out of a cocoon and spread my beautiful wings out to dry. Now it is time to use them.

Like the beautiful eagle we watched soar over us in the river I too, will use my wings . This relationship no longer serves me. Salt water and grapes.

How can I be angry? What a beautiful love story. I will always treasure you. I will always be thankful for your kind soul. Your drive for live encouraged me to drive froward into mine.

If the day comes, we will great each other as old friends. You will be steady, and I will be nervous. Although I have a feeling our paths will not cross again.

In the forest is where you will be.. I will be by the lake.

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