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Reality, is it really something that we want? // Hi guys! So, this is my first official story/submission/poetry that I've posted on Commaful, so if you have any helpful tips to make my writing better, feel free to hop into my messages, I'm always open for critique! <3

A Peek Inside Reality


A thing that all of us physically live in, yet still can't seem to be able to fully grasp its concept.

Something that most people don't even want to face, for it swallows you up like a black hole once you acknowledge its existence.

A way of living that we don't see as an adventure, but a death trap, like being a mouse in a snake cage.


Something that we walk through every day yet we still drift away from it because we don't want other people seeing a different side of us.

If we were to face it after all this time, truly, then we might get hurt from the truth.

We've made this veil that falls over our eyes to shield us from the potential stressful situation that lay on the other side.

We put on this camouflage so no one can target us and proceed to hurt us more than we already are hurting.

Like myself, in this past generation or so, we've been able to just barely tap into something that we've labeled reality, but people don't tend to see the big picture.

They don't think outside the box.

Technology. It's something that we now rely on for simple day to day tasks to even spreading the biggest important messages to one another.

Social media; we see this as a reality. We trick our brains into thinking that we're communicating and reaching out to people, emotionally and mentally.

However, our minds have been fooled, like tricking a rodent to go for the cheese at the other end of the mouse trap. We are using this form of "reality" to hide our true selves from the world.

Ironically, the reality is, is that we don't even stop to think about the real reality or what it entails.

We use this technology to push ourselves away from the truth of reality.

From your parents screaming at each other in the next room and you so badly just want to scream at them back to trying to push away your mental thoughts and emotions because you


just don't

just don't understand

just don't understand what's

just don't understand what's wrong

just don't understand what's wrong with

just don't understand what's wrong with you.

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