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greenlove open diary
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my feelings at a late time

12:39 am

by greenlove

why am I here?

i dont even know who I am in this world

I rely on false confidence

but people say that my life has a meaning

and that I just haven't found it yet

i feel as if

i turned away from my original meaning

and i can't get it back

and I'm just roaming the earth

without knowing where I'm headed to

I guess I'll find the meaning of my life someday

not in the near future though

and I guess that's okay

quite frankly, im glad that i don't have a meaning to uphold right now

Because I'm quite numb

The good kind of numb

if there's even such a thing

so i guess this is goodbye

but not for long

and we're all closer to the other side than we'd like to know

So I'm gonna go out there into the world and live a life

I think you should too

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