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she was the princess of world named Revillion. but she was send to Earth by her father in order to save her.
He was an arrogant bad boy, who never listened to others.
They say i was kissed by the moon goddess, the queen of the all the gods. they say I'm special because of that but I'm a normal high school girl who don't even have time to date a guy. But I have to admit that I feel very special powerful feeling when moon is shining over me.
why couldn't I say it? I knew he wanted so badly to hear it. I couldn't tell him I loved him. I didn't think I did, but those feelings were love. I thought i was just grateful, but it was love. I thought he was just comforting, it was love......... I received all of his love. Why did I realize just now?

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Girl under the moon A great fantasy/romance novel which you can also read on wattpad

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