Part 2 (Yahoooo!)
Part 2 (Yahoooo!) harry potter stories

gredweasley *Stuffs clump of cells in pocket*
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Part two of 'Muggle' finally.

Part 2 (Yahoooo!)

I finished getting ready and went down to get on the bus and heard my moms say “Have a good day at school we love you!” I replied as I walked out the door “Love you too!” It was a crisp fall morning as I walked to the bus the sound of leaves crunching filled my ears. I got on the bus sitting next to my best friend Ellie “So what chapter are you on?” Ellie asked curiously I looked up at her “I'm on chapter 5 so far” I answered.

We chatted the whole way to school about our crushes on the characters from the book but as we reached the school we grabbed our bags and began exiting the bus. I hurriedly put my books in my locker as I walked to my first class of the day with Ellie.

Fast forward to the end of the day when me and Ellie got on the bus “So El’ what are your opinions on Draco Malfoy?” She smiled and thought for a second before replying “I think he’s kind of misunderstood and looks wise he’s pretty cute.” I Nodded in agreement as I saw my stop coming up. I turned to Ellie and said, “I'll text you when I get inside.” I hugged her before making my way off the bus.

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