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Hmm. A haiku + a note to everyone out there.

A Haiku!

A smile on your face

A smile on your face And a bouquet in your hands,

A smile on your face And a bouquet in your hands, Your heart skips a beat.

(break between my haiku and my note)

Hello! Thank you for anyone who is still around and reading my things. I just wanted to throw out a quick haiku. I'm very excited about a lot of things. A lot has happened. I'll update you all on the next few slides, because I do also have a possibly sad message. Bear with me.💞

The biggest update I have is that I've moved into my own place (yay!) and I start school at a new uni soon. Super exciting, but things have been kind of difficult since June. I don't know if I ever mentioned it on here, but I was in an accident and I lost my car. So! That has been super tough!!

However, I'm still very happy with how things have been going lately especially with my personal relationships. I do sometimes get a little sad thinking about my past friendship with someone that I still actually hold dear to my heart (the person some poems were about), but I think that just happens with stuff like that. I'm not angry anymore. Just.. nostalgic?

Anyway, to end this life update/mini rant... I want to officially tell you all that I'll be taking a very, very long break from Commaful. I may even leave altogether. I'm not very good at writing so often or keeping up with things like that. I'm really not that great of a writer either.

I want to thank you ALL for the great amount of support that I've experienced by coming here. I've never been so proud of my work to post it like this and it makes me so happy that you all liked it. It amazes me that I reached 1600 followers. I hope to come back again with new material, but I don't know anymore. My brain is a bit blocked. But again.. thank you so much for everything.

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