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graywolf889 Community member
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This poem conveys the feeling of a boy who falls for a very young girl...

I was there

I was there, right there

When she smiled, looked at me for a while

Surprised to see my gaze

She felt amazed

She nudged away with a smile

Committing a sweet crime

She then sat quietly like a dove

Perhaps, unaware of my love

Her eyes were ocean,

Unable to catch my emotion

How can the heart clung,

On a girl so young?

She was a princess without a crown,

I was the clown with a frown

The love was forbidden,

But my heart was love ridden

Putting my life at stake,

I committed a strange mistake

The world didn't spare,

Mocked at my despair

But I don't care,

As long as the girl is unaware

To them, love was defined

A boy and a girl of a same kind

Seasons went away,

I was living the same day

Days going away, staring her face,

A life given by God's grace

Day by day I realised,

That the love was undefined

Instead, it was all in my head

Filling my heart with dread

No, she must never know

You reap what you sow

To keep that smile, so divine

I had to become a mime...

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