Suna x Reader - Short Comfort Story
Suna x Reader - Short Comfort Story suna stories

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TW: Slight mention of abuse, if it is a sensitive topic, take caution when reading, please and thank you. <3

Suna x Reader - Short Comfort Story

TW: Slight mention of abuse, if it is a sensitive topic, take caution when reading, please and thank you. <3

"You're so useless, you know that? I go to work everyday for you and what do I get in return? NOTHING!" It's been an hour since you came home from school, and you're mom made it a priority to yell at you for not doing the dishes before you left. 'My head is starting to hurt... how much longer?'

She continued yelling and bringing up how the house is a mess and you never clean it. How you can be clueless, and accuse you of lying when you tell her the things she calls you. You managed to get a small break and a few scratches, and what will eventually turn into a bruise. You try you're best, but you're best just doesn't seem like enough.

'Maybe I should run away...' you thought. 'Not like she would care.' You pick up your phone and go to messages, then proceed to click on a conversation. You type out "Want to run away together?" and click send, and put your phone back down. You wait for an answer, lying on your floor with tears rolling down your cheeks.

*Ding* You close your eyes for a few seconds, open them and reach for your phone. "It happened again? I will, sure. I don't want to see you like this. Be at your window at 2:00 am." After you read the message, you texted back and then got a bag of essentials together quietly.

- Timeskip - You snuck out of your window after making sure your mom was asleep, and made sure your light was off. You waited for your tall, dark brown haired boyfriend to come get you. When he arrived, you rushed towards him, and he engulfed you in a hug.

"We're going to stay at my place for a few then leave. My parents know about it, so they gave us money for a year to live on our own. Just in case, you know?" You nodded and both headed back to his place. It would be fine to stay at Suna's for a few days since your mom didn't know about him.

When you arrived you greeted his mom and dad, and went to his room. You and Suna changed out of your stealth-clothes and into some more comfortable. He had his arms around your waist, and head on your shoulder, while you sat between his legs and watched the movie that you normally do when you're upset.

He said small things that meant a lot to you. "You are the best person ever, you know that? Caring, smart, not to mention extremely beautiful." You blush every time you hear those words from him. "I love you." But that was new. You turned around and looked at him, "I love you, too."

You ended up falling asleep, and Suna made sure to lay you down gently on his chest, which he fell asleep soon after. His company made you feel complete, and forget about your mom. After a few days, you both say goodbye to his parents, and head out. Surprisingly, everything went well, and you ended up closer than ever.

Alright babes, here you are. Hope you enjoyed, have an amazing day. Love you. <3 ~ Ky <3

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