Rain | Koshi Sugawara x Reader - Oneshot
Rain | Koshi Sugawara x Reader - Oneshot suga stories

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Sugawara one shot because we stannn <3

Rain | Koshi Sugawara x Reader - Oneshot

You're laying on your bed watching anime on your phone, and saw a message from your best friend. "Y/N Y/N Y/N" You click on it and turn your phone so you can text him back.

You: Heyy Koshiii what's up Suga: Are you busy? If so, too bad, I'm coming to your house and we're going to the park. You: What- i didn't even say yes?? Suga: Well I'm already on my way so you better hurry :9 You: Ughhh fine-

You turned off your phone and changed out of your pajamas. Around 10 minutes go by, and you hear a knock at your door. "Come in!" you yelled from your room. Suga knocked on your door, and you said he could come in. He sat on your bed and grabbed your phone, taking a picture of him and then of you.

"KOSHI- don't take pictures of me- I wasn't ready!" He just laughed and then said "Are you ready yet?" before laying back on your bed. "Yeah, just let me get my shoes. The second you put your second shoe on, he grabbed your hand and pulled you out the door, shutting and locking it, and then grabbed your hand and ran towards the park with you next to him.

You arrived at the park and sat next to the swings, watching the kids play tag. "Why'd you want to come here? What was so important?" you looked at him and questioned. "Oh, nothing," he smiled at you, "I just wanted to spend time with you." After he said that, a blush grew on your face, and you turned away.

After a few hours of talking, joking, running after each other, and playing hide and seek with the kids, you two were laying down on the grass. "Y/N, did you feel that?" "Hm? Feel wha-" a raindrop fell on the tip of your nose. "Oh, the rain." "Yup!"

It started to rain, and you and Suga watched as the other people at the park ran to their cars or ran home. Suga stood up, held his hand out to you and asked "Wanna dance?" You looked at his hand, then grabbed it and he pulled you up.

You two danced together in the rain, which slowly transitioned to slow dancing. You had your arms around his neck and your head on his chest. His arms were around your waist and his head was sitting on yours. "My god, I love you, Y/N..." " After he realised what he said he went to apologise until he heard you say "I love you too, Koshi," as you held onto him a little tighter.

"Will you go out with me?" You looked up at him and kissed him. After a few seconds you pulled away and said "Yes." Your smile was the cutest thing to him, and he didn't want it to ever go away. Not long after, thunder and lightning make its appearance, and you two look at each other before running back to his house since it was closer, trying to not slip on the wet ground.

You got to his house and changed into clothes he gave you while yours were drying. When putting on the clothes, you noticed it was a pair of his shorts and a spare volleyball jersey. "He's so cute," you mumbled out to yourself. The rest of the night you stayed at his place and watched movies while cuddling together, and you fell asleep on his chest.

He grabbed your phone and took more pictures of him, you, and you both together, then sending them to his phone, which he made his lockscreen.

Hey, babes. So I decided to write this real quick because I thought it was a cute little story. <3 Hope you all have an amazing day. Remember to be yourself, be true to you, and I love youu~ ~ Ky <3

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