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friendship day

this goes to one of best friends on commaful.. @17_bendy_straws

im so happy to have met you, and you have been so supportive with everything, whether that be my writing, home life, or anything. thank you so so much and i wish you best with everything you're going to deal with in your future years to come. i'm so happy to be able to call you my friend <33

i know we haven't talked a lot, and that's because i haven't been on commaful a lot due to summer. i sent you some updates on me through dm's so read that when you get a chance. :)) i started school august 10th i believe, or the week of, and i'll be able to talk more :))

i also have good news for you 😙 i took the time to finish the ushiten fanfic and will post it asap, but all the chapters are posted into wattpad if you want to read it-

but yes, thank you sooo much for staying with me and my troubles and just being so supportive, i love you soo much bestie ✋🏻 have an amazing day

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