Dumb Sh*t Wednesday | Dabi Cosplay (MHA
Dumb Sh*t Wednesday | Dabi Cosplay (MHA dabi stories

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Dumb Sh*t Wednesday | Dabi Cosplay (MHA

First off, I want to point out that I don't own a white shirt?? For that reason, I just turned one inside-out so hope fully it's not visible, lol.

Hey, babes. This week for DSW I present you with a Dabi (kinda-) cosplay. To be honest I was going to do someone else, but decided to go with him because I like him more- pfft- Anyways, enjoy. <3

This last one my cousin edited for me, actually. If she had this I'd give her @, but she doesn't so sorry. :/ Also, i don't know what my expression was... so ignore that- okay? Okay.

Boom, done. This was hard to get off ngl... it just ~smeared~ but I got it lol. Hope you all have an amazing day. Remember to be yourself, stay true to you. I love youu~ <3 ~ Ky <3

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