Denki Kaminari Oneshot | Also little personal announcement at the end :)
Denki Kaminari Oneshot | Also little personal announcement at the end :) kaminari stories

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Story, then announcement at the end.

Denki Kaminari Oneshot | Also little personal announcement at the end :)

It's the middle of the night and you were in the dorm kitchen because you were hungry. After looking at what there was, you decided to make toast. Not normal toast though. You took out ice-cream, along with cinnamon and sugar, chocolate syrup, whipped cream, sprinkles, nutella, and cajeta. You also grabbed a spoon and a plate.

Denki laid in his bed, on his phone listening to music and heard something in the kitchen. He got up and walked out of his room carefully, thinking someone from the League of Villains broke in. You stared at the toaster, waiting for it to be done.

Denki saw you and decided to sneak up on you. He carefully crawled towards you so you didn't see him, then crawled behind you, standing up slowly and picking you up by your sides. "Who the he-" you look behind you and see yellow hair, with a black bolt-like shape. "Denki- put me down- you scared me," you pouted.

He laughed, and put you down. "Sorry- oo what're you making?" he asked as he sat in a nearby chair. "This? I'm just making toast." "Toast? So what's up with all the other stuff? You know Bakugou would flip if he saw this," he laughed, also playing with the container of Nutella.

You looked at him, obviously getting impatient over the toast taking so long. "Well, it's MY version of toast- okay? And who cares what Bakugou thinks," you laughed. "Okay, okay, chill- you know it'd be done by now if I helped?" "Yeah, maybe... but chances are it'll get burnt and then you'll get stupid so-"

"Hey!" "Shh- before Iida comes in here. I'm not trying to die tonight- do you want one?" "Yes, please," he laid his head on his arm, smiling while he watched you make it. When you asked what he wanted on it, he said whatever you put on yours, so everything. "What're you doing up anyway?"

"I was bored, couldn't sleep, and got hungry... what about you, though?" "Same, I was listening to music but heard someone in the kitchen and thought the League broke in," he looked away, slightly embarrassed.

"Wow, Denki, you thought I was from the League... ouch-" you dramatically put your hand over your heart, playing offended. "Yeah, yeah, whatever... you said you're bored, wanna sneak out?"

You looked at him, and gave him the food and you two began eating. "Hell yeah I do- just gotta be careful to not wake Iida... that'd be bad-" "Yeah..." he thought about the time Iida found him and Kirishima sneaking out.

You two finished eating, and he helped you clean up. You both went back to your rooms and changed out of your pajamas. You grabbed your skateboards and met by the back door. You carefully opened the door and ran around the side of the building and through some bushes.

He grabbed a leaf out of your hair, and you two skated down the road, hand-in-hand, avoiding the little rocks in the road. When you guys stopped, he handed you an AirPod and played the playlist he was playing earlier. You raced down a hill, and through a neighborhood.

You lost, but at least you didn't trip like Denki did. You two carried your skateboards up the hill, and snuck back into the dorms and stayed in his dorm room for the night. The next morning in class, you two were called to the principal's office, and were showed the videos of you two sneaking out past curfew.

You two looked at each other, trying not to laugh, and then to All Might with puppy-dog-eyes. Luckily, he had your backs and you two were let off the hook. "Worth it," he told you, and you both went back to class, holding hands.

Hey, babes. Hope you enjoyed the short story. <3 Here's the little announcement I wanted to share with you all. I wanted to tell you guys since I am really, really proud of myself. So, some know that I've started Chloe Ting's 2 week shred last week. Today is day 5, and since I've started I've already lost 2.5 pounds.

As a person who's struggled to lose weight for a while, I found this as a huge accomplishment, and had tears in my eyes when I found out. Knowing that the work and pain I've went through the past 4/5 days paid off made me really happy. :) Anyways, that's what I wanted to tell you guys. :)

Remember to be yourself, show yourself the love you deserve, and I'll see you all in the next post. <3 ~ Ky <3

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