Letters to No One: Part 1
Letters to No One: Part 1 letters stories

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Found letters from a person with social anxiety but with her letters try's to tell someone off and tell her how she really feels.

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Letters to No One: Part 1

2:00 AM

Dear No One,

I refuse to spell out you're real name for the mirror mention of it makes me want to throw something!

Though I do hope this letter finds YOU well.

I need you to know something. Something that I can not keep inside any longer for I have lost many nights of sleep because of this infuriating mark on my otherwise ok day!

Stop throwing out the half popped kernels!

I have done everything in my power to stop this from happening. Too standing behind the plant by the trash can, too hiding the trash in the other room!

Yet somehow this has failed to stop you!

I ask you today to leave the kernels on the table. You will not be accused of laziness, for I will carry out the workload for you!

But you must give me what I want!

I do hope you have seen my point of view on this and have rethought how you go about cleaning the popcorn bowl in the future.

Sincerely, The Person That Sits In The Back And Never Talks

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