Rocks. Anne.
Rocks. Anne. forever stories

grantcadams Community member
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A poem about love, passion and loss.

Rocks. Anne.

And this is my moment She is alone Proud With presence She is strong Like a rock And with my eyes, I see her.

Malachite mountains and cerulean seas Chaotic clouds The geological features of a planetary body Her body Firm Like a rock And this is my moment.

Her lustre​ like crystal The light and the night It acts It interacts Her glimmer Her surface And with my touch, I know her.

And this is my moment Her passion Deposited low Down deep where minerals grow Deep in her oxidized oceans swaying with beautiful motions And with my heart, I am her.

We are deep Where jagged rocks are steep Below the inky lake, her rocks are black Her rocks are grey And with my soul, I am her.

She’s cut glass Woman Class And fine I’m coarse Of course Man And with my actions, I scrape her.

I leave She breathes Her chest heaves Her heart cleaves And with my mouth, I break her.

Proud Like a rock But she cleaved? Her cleavage broke along smooth lines Because of bonding Weak bonding My bond But this is her moment She is beautifully hard Resistant to abrasion And with her heart, she breaks me.

She is Anne Like a rock Rocks Anne And this is her moment.

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