My mother's love is a burning house
My mother's love is a burning house   button poetry stories

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My mother tried to love me the best she could, even though she allowed me to be abused and neglected me. She's sick, but part of me still loves her. I added the pictures because I do still remember the good times not all were bad, but she is a bad person who did really cruel things and I don't mind letting the world know. However I don't have as many pictures because the poem was too long.

My mother's love is a burning house

It's a white picket fence trampled in the dirt

My mother used to love us

She cradled my sister and I

She once told me she had a dream that we were both babies and she carried us one on each arm

My mother didn't care if we got hurt

Only if it affected her in some way

She always talks about the "good old days"

Before we could talk before we could walk before we could give her our opinions

I know my mother loves me

Deep down in my soul I know she really does

I think in some deep hidden part of her she does feel bad for what she's done to us

What she's let happen to us

I love my mother but I don't trust her anymore

I don't trust her to make decisions for me

I don't trust her to not let anyone ever hurt me

Because I know she just goes along with the crowd

When my mother's feelings are hurt

She won't talk to us

Even if all she's hearing is the truth

Even if she's heard it a million times played backwards

A broken record that she's lived through

My mother doesn't like the truth

It doesn't paint her in a very pretty picture

She doesn't want to talk about it or think about it

And in some ways I understand that

But some things need to be talked about

Some things need to be out in the open

Before they burst and explode

And only people are left


My mother took care of us as babies

At least that's what she said

We could see in pictures

Our earnest begging eyes

Staring up at her

Wanting more and more from her that she couldn't give

I love my mother and through all of this, everything

I just want her to know that

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