The divide
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This is the first part of my series about and android named Matthew who is learning how to become a real boy. The first step, separating with the ones you love.

The divide

There Matthew sat he, was only one of the thousands of androids made to be obedient, made to follow a strict program.

Matthew sat there on the edge of his owner's bed thinking, about how if not for Darryl, he would be a hunk of plastic in a scrap-yard.

Matthew couldn't shake the thought that there was something more, something beyond these walls.

Darryl looked up at Matthew. He grew worried seeing the look on Matthew's face.

"Matthew, something's bothering you." Matthew turned his head, looking back at his owner, the only human who treated him like an equal. "Nothing is wrong.

I am just waiting for your next request," Matthew says, giving Darryl a faint smile. Matthew had just lied to the only person who made him feel like a human.

The only person who gave him free will. Who gave him a chance to think for himself.

Darryl sighed, sitting up in his bed. He pushed the heavy blanket off of his legs, "We are going somewhere, Matthew." Darryl smiles, swinging his legs off the edge of the bed.

He sat right beside Matthew. He puts his arm around Matthew, "It'll be fun." Darryl says to Matthew, squeezing his shoulder.

Matthew lets a smile spread across his face, "Okay, let's go, Darryl." Matthew sighed, standing up. Starting towards the front door, Darryl following close behind. They file into the car.

"Darryl, where are we going?" Matthew questioned

"Don't you worry about that," Darryl responded, a smile painted on his face.

Matthew watched outside, staring out of the window. He watched as the trees flew by. A few minutes had passed before the car halted.

Matthew looked around, not having enough time to observe before Darryl chimed in.

"Every day, I sit and watch you slowly becoming more human, you speak with emotion, you don't give me a blank stare what I ask you to tell me your opinion." Darryl's smile only grew deeper.

"You are a human, Matthew, you're alive, and you can't let someone else convince you otherwise." Matthew listened to every word before nodding.

"What does any of that have to do with... you taking me here?" Matthew looked through the windshield.

"Because you're growing up. Matthew, you're learning. I have rented you an apartment if you want it." Matthew smiled, leaning over the center console to hug Darryl.

"Are you going to be staying?" Matthew asked.

"I'm afraid not, but you have two roommates to keep you company." Darryl patted Matthew's back.

"You have the chance to make some new friends." Darryl chuckled

"Let's go inside and look around, yeah?" Darryl offered, opening the driver's side door. Matthew nodded his head, pulling the handle to open the passenger side.

They both climb out of the car, making their way into the door.

"Looks like you're the first one here, Matt." He nodded as Darryl turned around to leave. "Matthew, remember one thing, for me, okay?" Matthew nodded.

Darryl got in close one of his hands reaches for Matthew's shoulder, the other goes for his head. Darryl presses his finger against Matthew's temple.

"The whole point of being alive is to evolve into the complete person you are intended to be."

And with that, Darryl turns and leaves out the front door.

Matthew sits on the floor of his new apartment, looking around, wondering what he was to do next.

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