I got a tattoo yesterday.
I got a tattoo yesterday.  tattoo stories

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This poem I think is called “Body Language”. Inspired by a real tattoo I got (which I have grown to LOVE by the way) a while ago and the feelings I had after :) thanks for reading hope you enjoy!

I got a tattoo yesterday.

I wanted words because I’ve been taught that picture books are for kids, and I don’t feel like a kid anymore. I thought it would make me a book. I wanted to ink words on my body to be my preface; something that would draw people in so they would want to read me.

I wanted annotations; words that would marvel at or help explain me to the confused readers. I felt my body language was wrong, I felt I needed some editing. Some new text.

I figured the next day when I woke up I’d feel different. I’d be a book. Maybe I’d smell like paper, maybe people could read my different chapters, maybe I’d win an award and become a bestseller. Nope.

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