Death of an Angel
Death of an Angel sad stories

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Fallen angel

Death of an Angel

He shadows a man with blue hair

Who has a voice like those that he used to hear above the clouds

He watches as a friend cries on the shoulder of the blue-haired man

And he finds that the blue-haired man is singing to her as she drifts away

The friend is somewhere else, a memory of the past

Not noticing the beauty of the voice

And so he walks away, a feather falling from his wings

(The blue-haired man picks it up and he presents it to the friend

To him, she was never a friend, something else

But she gets up, wipes the tears away and goes to hear another voice singing)

He shadows a girl with long sleeves

She sits alone in her room

Day after day

When her family comes to the door she puts on a mask

And scares them out

For she does not want the darkness within her to spread

She writes and writes and writes

But the only word he sees scrawled across her mind is monotony

She carries the weight of the world on her shoulders

Just like those above did on their wings

But she has no plumage to protect her from the sharp rocks

And they cut her shoulders as she bears them

Why else would she wear long sleeves

He watches as no one sees the blood running down her arms

And so he walks away, a feather falling from his wings

(The girl looks up to see the feather fall to the ground

And a tear runs down her cheek

For she cannot bear to carry an angels weight on her shoulders

Despite its light nature, it cuts her deeper than even the sharpest of rocks)

He shadows a boy with shifting eyes

The boy has nothing left for him

No entity to praise and look to

Not a family, the boy replaced them with syringes long ago

Not a friend, the boy replaced those with vials

Not a lover, the boy's eyes drove them away

Those shifting eyes betrayed the boy

For every time the boy looked, really looked at those who cautiously approached him

The boy screamed for them to save him from the needles that barred him away

But the filter of amber over his shifting eyes presented a look of far gone

The angel looks at him and sees nothing and hears nothing

In parallel from what he has seen in heaven

And so he walks away, a feather falling from his wings

(The boy sees the feather fall to the ground

and he realizes that all this time an angel was looking after him

And not a thing changed

Hopelessness fills his veins and intertwines with the toxicity

And now when he looks at people, he no longer screams for them to save him)

And so he walks away, a feather falling from his wings

And so he walks away, feathers falling from his wings

And so he lies, no feathers left to fall.

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