The Promenade
The Promenade dance stories
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The Promenade

by gracey

You held my hand into your hand You wear a smile that I always love. Butterflies are wrecking havoc Inside my stomach. But the twinkle in your eyes tell me Everything's going to be fine.

As you lead to the dance floor, It feels like there were just only you and me It's like we own that surrealistic moment Everything seems like a fairy tale That came into reality.

And as the music starts everything seems surreal... It was like we own the moment. It was like there was only you in me. And this moment I can't possibly forget..

And as the music dies, I know that this moment Will forever live on inside my head. That short time i spent with you Seems like eternity for me.. And I thank you for this moment....

For making me feel That you were mine that special night.

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