The Love That I Have
The Love That I Have a-love-that-was-taken-for-granted stories

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The Love That I Have

by Gracey Aroma

During the cold summer nights My mind thinks where are you now Are you with someone else's arms tonight? I wonder if you think of me too, I wonder if you miss me too, Or is it the other way

What kind of love do I have? I love someone who can't love me back I almost give my all to you But why did you just let me go?

Pity for the kind of love I had You let it crumble on the palm of you hands Oh, where did I go wrong? For you to hurt me like what you did Please do tell me, so that I will set you free.

In my darkest days I always find the light within the smile in your eyes In my loneliest nights I wish on the falling stars that shone That you'll suddenly appear beside me

But pity for the wishes that I have You are still nowhere to be found....

My heart seems like a fool Still waiting for you to be back in my arms Hoping that one day you'll have a change of heart And I will welcome you with open arms Still willing to give.....

Still willing to give this love that I always have.

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