Am I a problem?
Am I a problem? problem stories
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gracefulgoddess Community member
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A realization of finding my worth

Am I a problem?

Is there a reason that you leave me? Am I a problem ?

You won’t tell anyone about me Am I a problem?

You tell your friends and parent that when I call, you’re talking to a friend. Am I a problem?

I wish you’d help me understand why you tell no one. Am I a problem?

Maybe you’re just not ready. Maybe I’m just not enough. But I refuse to be treated like this any longer. Am I a problem?

Am I a fucking problem? I’m sorry but I refuse to feel like a fucking problem any longer.

I am not a fucking problem. I am a mother fucking goddess and refuse to be treated as anything less.

You don’t have to put me on a throne and worship at my feet, but you do have to treat me with the respect I deserve. So I ask you again: Am I a problem?

No. I’m not a problem. I’m a fucking goddess.

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