New Beginning
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gr8n0m I just love everyone (everyone but Eli)
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Let's bring peace

New Beginning

by gr8n0m

Unforgettable memory Of what has become,

Darling, Don't remind me Of what I've done wrong.

Harmless mistakes; That I cannot say,

But what we do tomorrow Is what will make today.

Take my hand And wrap it around yours,

For if we learn to love We will learn to give more.

Because without love Then what are we to do?

When we choose to give love We have nothing to lose.

Though yesterday was a nightmare That caused this whole war

I hope the dream we make Will make the white flags soar.

With our hands together We can join as one.

With these wounds healed nicely The war seems long gone.

Plant all this peace, From all these girls and boys

So that it may blossom Into everlasting joy.

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