Sunshine of opportunity
Sunshine of opportunity stories

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Sunshine of opportunity

by govindarajanp

I have the power over you

The men from the ivory tower whose heads are filled with power Look down on me with all impunity and say, why do I have to give you this opportunity.

You no longer are useful

The place is not for scums like you, Old and battered, who can’t take a cue. Muddled minds where sparks that no longer fly, with forsaken eyes that can no longer cry.

Because all your strength is gone

The muscle, the power, the speed, can never be beckoned on need The beauty, the color, the sharpness, can never be brought to harness

I am what I am and when the sun shines

When the sun shines, it lights the sparks, Makes me sharp to take on the sharks. With eyes that can see further than yonder, To grasp the world and appreciate her wonder.

No one can stop me

The rays embrace me with all colors of the hue That can make me bright and shiny to view That gives me the strength to face with all my might Opportunity, is wherever I set my sight.

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