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A teenager getting enormous power with the help of a locket he found, helps his villagers from cruel animals like bears and landlords with the help of his powers


Once upon a time, a teenager named Atlee lived near the foot of Mt. Everest. He is an introvert and a single child; he lost his mother at an early age and brought up by his father.

One fine day Atlee woke up bright and early, dragged himself out of the bed to freshen up, and pulled his boots out for trekking.

When he stepped out of the house and started climbing, the chilly wind blew on his face as he walked up the hill, After a while, he took a rest under a big grown tree.

He kept his backpack aside and slept on the green grass and started dreaming. An Angel appeared and said a secret, that he will find a silver locket which had enormous powers.

It will choose your powers based on the purity of your heart, in the burrow of the grown tree; He woke up and took his backpack and ran towards his home as it started raining, reached home,

then dried his hair and thinking the dream again and again.

Atlee didn't sleep well last night and returned to the same place the next morning. Where he dreamt of the locket, there were five burrows. He saw the two burrows found nothing.

Just a crazy dream and left. In the midway to his house, he couldn't leave the thoughts and returned to the tree. Searched the remaining two burrows with hope, the same result he found nothing.

This time he gave himself a pat and tried to return, but he made himself forced to check the last burrow is twice above his height.

But his drive and dedication that he will find something didn't stop, climbed the tree, and risked his life. His eyes pleased with joy.

He found a small silver locket with a silver string, a great sigh of relief. He took it and ran with joy.

Atlee a high school student, he is bright but not active and always got bullied by fellow students.

After he returned from school; He climbed up to the attic as soon as he returned home, Atlee's secret place is an attic in his house.

Atlee has a habit of hiding valuable items that he found in the attic. So he kept his locket in his old jacket. So, he is preparing for the last exams in school.

His father returned to the house late at night. He shut his eyes in anguish, he couldn't bear the pain.

Atlee went to the father, hugged him and asked are you, fine Pappa! his father groaned that he has to start over again.

His crop has possessed again by the landlords, Landlords assistants threatened Atlee's father and other farmers to handover the crop.

They are in problems, and the father said that he will cultivate paddy soon again with a low tone.

By listening to his father Atlee ran into his room and got his pocket money which he is saving for three years and gave it to him.

Father, shredded in tears, refused to take money. Atlee felt sad. Their situation is terrible he tried hard enough to stay focus on his last exams, though he managed and completed.

It is vacation time. Atlee, as usual, woke early and pulled his boots out for trekking. On the way, he realized something.

He came back to his house, searched his attic for his old jacket, found, cleaned, and took out the silver locket. He noticed something unfamiliar which differs from others.

He figured something written on a locket.

'TAP TWICE WHEN YOU NEED IT' He wore a locket and tapped twice, experienced something deep inside but not sure, Bell rang Pappa is home, jumped from the attic, and ran to Pappa.

They both had dinner and discussed how their day was.

It's the second week of the vacation. Atlee went to the market to buy vegetables and meat. He is kicking the pebbles on the way and remembered the words written on the locket.

Tapped twice, the locket something strange he kicked so fast that missed the pebble and fell, Amazed!

He could sense it, his moments and thoughts were so fast than ever, It will choose your powers based on the purity of your heart, he remembered these words.

He thought to give it one more shot, so he picked a stone and threw it on the landlord's window. A fraction of a second! The window broke into pieces. Shocked! Escaped.

So, he understood that he is faster than ever. His Speed and Agility increased. He tried to test for more time so he gains more knowledge of his powers.

He ran twice through the valley which takes 6-7 hours just in few minutes. On the way, he saw a Bear chasing farmer, who is craving for life, Atlee ran so fast.

Even a bear couldn't understand what happened to its meal. He left farmer in the safe place and ran to keep his identity safe and left both bear and farmer in shock with his speed.

Atlee slowly understanding, the connection between the locket and his heart. He knows they choose him among many other brave kids.

Days passed as threatening's of landlords are increasing day by day. Fellow farmers injured in the protest against landlords.

His father couldn't make it to the protest on time, so he survived from attack, he and his father took the fellow farmers to the hospital and gave the required treatment.

Atlee planned to help these honest farmers with his superpowers from the cruel landlords.

It's hard for Atlee to see his father and his village members in pain. So he ran into woods for peace. He heard the roar of the bear. He tapped the locket twice and ran with the speed of light.

It's the landlord family attacked by the bear, they are yelling for help Atlee came to the scene from no frame and saved the landlord family from the cruel bear.

Landlord thanked him for saving his family and his life and granted to give a gift to the superhero Atlee. Atlee asked him not to torture farmers and give back their cultivation lands.

The landlord saw his family alive and gave back the lands and crops to the farmers. Atlee requested him to keep his identity safe.

The farmers are thankful for seeing the change in the landlord's behaviour and thanked and treated him with good wishes.


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