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Welcome to Commaful's first ever Talent show! The auditions will be opening soon! Here's the instructions;

Singing: You can take a video of you singing, upload it on Commaful and tag "TalentauditionS" so that we can hear it! Also, just cover your camera with a tape or something, so that your personal information won't be revealed

Poetry: Just tag "TalentauditionP" along with your poem so that we can see it!

Instrumental: You can wear a mask while you are recording the video of you playing the instrument... Please tag "TalentauditionI" so that we can hear it!

If you have any other suggestions for other talent audition openings, you can contact us.... AUDITION ENTRIES WILL CLOSE WITHIN 2 WEEKS...

Note: Language for singing and poetry should be English...

All the best to those who will be participating!

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